how we make it happen.

On our mobile-first platform we deliver customer-specific content to tell the story of your open position and give job seekers a 360° job immersion to set clear expectations BEFORE they interview.


Through an interactive 30-minute candidate experience we ensure role-fit accurately and easily.


The Big Picture

We call this inspiration and aspiration. Offering a view from the top, we deliver content about your industry, your brand, history, a day-in-the-life and pathways for advancement inside your organization.

Core Job Tasks

Through the voice of employees currently in the role, we feature and in-depth look at the specific day-to-day tasks that make up the experience of your open position. 


Characteristics of Success

We explore with your candidate the mindsets and behaviors of successful employees in this role.

Scientifically Designed Assessments

Woven throughout the experience, candidates respond to a series of questions to validate role-fit.

Product Features

ATS Integration

Through a simple API integration with all of today's top applicant tracking systems, we make getting started easy. No additional software necessary. 

Robust Reporting

We offer deep data analytics and an easy-to-use employer interface. Our customer success team delivers daily, weekly and monthly updates that allows us to continuously optimize the candidate experience. 


Job Seekers Benefit

  • Develop a deep understanding of the day-to-day tasks for your open position.
  • Understand the history, brand promise and mission. 
  • Learn the expectations for the customer experience.
  • Know what it takes to be successful. 
  • Be equipped with knowledge that will empower them to start the job strong. 
  • Have the chance to opt-out of consideration if they feel the role is not right for them.

Your Company Benefits

  • Less time reviewing applicants that are not really interested in your job. 
  • Recruiters receive a personalized role-fit report for each candidate. 
  • More knowledgeable & better prepared applicants come into the interview process. 
  • Business results are realized sooner by creating job-ready employees pre-hire. 
  • Turnover is reduced dramatically.
  • Companies create a talent based competitive advantage.