We combine job assessments and employee testing into a structured, data-driven process that identifies the strongest job candidates accurately and easily.


Assessment Design

Step 1: Job Analysis

We identify what skills are needed for your role:

  • What work is performed on the job
  • What competencies are needed to do the work

Step 2: Hiring Situations

Then we add real-world constraints managers face:

  • Volume of candidates
  • Candidate motivation
  • Time availability (completing & reviewing)
  • Level of expertise evaluating assessments

Step 3: Custom Content

Next, we determine how to assess candidates:

  • Choose a subset of competencies to evaluate
  • Construct authentic tasks (success criteria, Hiring Mgr & employee input)
  • Build a scoring rubric (bell curve distribution, minimum bar for hire)

Step 4: Validation

Finally, we check reliability and validity through data:

  • Subject Matter Experts review assessment
  • Existing Employee & Candidates benchmark
  • Randomized trial using the new assessment vs. a control group

Assessment Types


Cognitive & Psychometric Tests

Asynchronous Video Interviews

Work Sample Simulations

Job Skill Tests

Integrity & Honesty Tests

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